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Disk Heal 1.48

Disk Heal fixes inaccessibility errors which occur after a virus
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Disk Heal is an application which fixes disk errors which occur after a virus and perform various other tweaks as well.
Disk Heal fixes disk troubles, some errors which occurred when a drive is opened, inaccessibility of the Task Manager, Folder Options inaccessibility, inaccessibility to the Registry Editor, files or folders' inaccessibility, and some tweaks related to security, appearance, Internet Explorer and Control Panel.
The GUI is simple and easy to use; to fix any error just click on the right button to fix the undesired problem and Disk Heal will fix it quickly. Some of the major troubles are due to viruses that attack main system functionality causing inaccessibility to them.
Disk Heal has some tweaks and they are separated in groups. The Security Tweaks include features to avoid any damage to your system. The Appearance Tweaks optimizes the look of your computer. The IE Tweaks enhance the Internet Explorer optimizing some of its features. And the Control Panel Tweaks provides some options to prevent changing options that could affect the performance of our system.
The installation is very easy to perform; there is no documentation on the program, but is available on the Disk Heal website.
Disk Heal works on Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista platforms.

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  • Disk Heal provides a set of tools to repair some problems that caused inaccessibility to the main system functions. Disk Heal offers some nice tweaks to prevent some damage to our PC


  • Disk Heal didn’t install a direct access to the program
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